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Surge Protection for LED Lighting Tech Tip #1 from ABLE Power Products

Able Power Products

Surge Protection for LED Lighting Tech Tip #1
from ABLE Power Products


Selection Criteria

SAFETY – an important consideration in the selection of an LED Surge Protector

The Problem – metal-oxide varistors (MOVs) are the primary component for protecting sensitive electronics from damaging overvoltage transients or surges. For normal operating conditions, the MOV absorbs random short duration transient currents, transforming the energy into heat. Over time the MOV breaks down and can no longer effectively dissipate the heat forcing the component to rupture and initiate a short circuit condition resulting in potential fire and smoke damage.

The Solution – this potential catastrophic failure was the catalyst for the design of the thermally-fused MOV (TFMOV). The approach is simple, if its metal-oxide disk is broken down or is approaching breakdown, the TFMOV disconnects from system power. The TFMOV design consists of a voltage clamping device and a disconnecting apparatus that monitors the status of the MOV.

LED Surge Protectors, Compact Hardwired SPD – 10kV
LED Surge Protectors, Circular Hardwired SPD – 10kV

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ABLE Power Products provides LED LIGHTING SURGE PROTECTION PRODUCTS. Patented designs for Hard-Wired In-Line Surge Protection for General LED Lighting, Retrofit and New Installation 3/5/7 Pin Fast Plug-In Surge Protection for Road Way Lighting. Internal Thermal Fused (MOV) technology and Small Footprint ensures the best solution for your most demanding applications.
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