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Introducing the NEW NGM_1 SGX Sensortech Battery Operated Module for Natural Gas Detection

SGX Sensortech
Introducing the NEW NGM_1 SGX Sensortech Battery Operated Module for Natural Gas Detection
NEW NGM_1 SGX Sensortech
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Natural Gas Module Application Note

The NEW NGM_1 from SGX Sensortech is a natural gas module, battery operated detection device designed for detection of natural gas (methane) in concentrations below 100% LEL (4.4% CH4 in air). This module is not suitable for propane and butane detection. The sensor is equipped with a test button as well as an audible alarm option realized with embedded buzzer.

The heart of the device is an MP-7227 MEMS pellistor sensor which allows for low power operation on standard AA type batteries. The module is equipped with a visual (LED) and audible (buzzer) alarms to inform of potential gas leakage. It transmits data related to the actual state of the module and concentration of gas if the module is connected to a working external receiver with a serial RS232 standard connection. The estimated maintenance-free operation on 2xAA (2600mAh) batteries is 6 months.

The natural gas module monitors the concentration of methane in air atmosphere. The sensor operates in pulse mode measuring the actual concentration of gas during 1 second with 20 second intervals. The sensor is equipped with a buzzer and diode indicators. Click here for the application note which provides programming assistance.

Click here for more information on the NGM_1 natural gas module at CDI or click here to submit a technical inquiry regarding this product.

  • MP-7227 MEMS pellistor sensor
  • Detection of natural gas (methane) in concentrations below 100% LEL (4.4% CH4 in air)
  • Low Power Consumption (<0.6mA on average, with 50mA peak at 3V Supply)
  • Visual and Audible Alarm indicators
About SGX Sensortech

For more than 50 years, SGX Sensortech, has remained at the forefront of air quality sensors and modules. Our innovative products have helped protected the occupants of cars from deteriorating air quality whilst driving through polluted cities, reduced the cost of air conditioning in buildings and made the work environment a safer place from flammable and toxic gas hazards. SGX Sensortech delivers high quality products, underpinned by excellent application support and customer service.

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