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All Sensors ELVR Analog and Digital Low Pressure Sensor Series

All Sensors
All Sensors ELVR
Analog and Digital Low Pressure Sensor Series
All Sensors ELVR Series
ELVR Series at CDI
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All Sensors introduces the ELVR series of pressure sensors for monitoring pressure ranges from +1 inch water to +30 inches of water. The ELVR sensors can communicate directly with microcontrollers, eliminating the need for additional A/D converters.

Product highlights include an I2C or SPI interface, an analog 0.5 to 4.5V output signal, and significantly reduced position sensitivity. Operating at a low supply voltage (3V or 5V), the ELVR series is well suited for portable applications.

A wide range of miniature SIP and DIP package options allow for flexible and space-saving PCB-mounting. All Sensors’ superior, dual-die CoBeam2™ Technology allows for greater sensitivity while reducing package stress.

Visit CDI for more information on the All Senors ELVR series.

About All Sensors
All Sensors is a leading manufacturer specializing in MEMS ultra-low level (0.1-inch water to 5 psi) pressure sensors and pressure transducers. Our company goal is to manufacture high accuracy, quality pressure sensors that provide customers with the ideal sensor solution. Our pressure sensors are offered in pressure ranges from the ultra-low (0.1-inch water column to 1-inch water column) to medium pressures (1-inch water column to 30 inches) as well as pressure ranges from 1 psi to 100 psi.
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