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M3200 Pressure Transducer from TE Connectivity at CDI

TE Connectivity M3200

M3200 Pressure Transducer from TE Connectivity at CDI

M3200 Series at CDI
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TE offers the M3200, the latest in a long line of pressure sensors designed and manufactured using our Microfused™ technology which is ideally suited for HVAC and refrigeration systems.

While a range of board mount pressure sensors are used in HVAC systems for filter monitoring as well as pressure monitoring throughout a forced air system, the bulk of the pressure sensing is accomplished using heavy duty pressure sensors to monitor refrigerant pressure in compressor-based systems as well as water or other liquid pressures in large commercial chillers and other refrigeration systems.

The M3200 is able to meet these heavy duty requirements, by monitoring pressure from 100 to 5000 psi, with an analog output (0.5 to 4.5) or digital (I2C output).

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