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MPU-9250 End of Life – 2nd Notification

TDK InvenSense
MPU-9250 End of Life – 2nd Notification

MPU-9250This reminder is going out to all current users of the MPU-9250, 9-axis motion sensor from TDK InvenSense. As you are aware the MPU-9250 has been EOL’ed and the last time buy is scheduled for Feb 7, 2019. The EOL was due to the discontinuance of 3rd party components and the MPU-9250, MPU-9250M, MPU-9255 will no longer be manufactured. The remaining inventory in finished goods will continue to support customers until inventory is depleted. If you do require additional parts to help you get thru a redesign phase, please contact Component Distributors for stock and delivery.

Below are documents that explain the differences in the migration from the MPU-9250 to the ICM-20948 low power 9-axis device. The ICM-20948 is not an exact drop in replacement device. In addition, if you are not using the compass, you may want to consider the MPU-6500 device as an alternative if your circuit can not be changed.

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TDK InvenSense MPU-9250 and MPU-6500
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