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CDI Precision Measurement / TE Connectivity 2018 OEM Position Feedback Sensor Design-In Special

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2018 OEM Position Feedback Sensor Design-In Special!!

This month’s OEM Sensor Design Special features the TE RVDT and RVIT Series of angular position transducers. Customers with NEW OEM DESIGNS shall receive very specialized pricing and inventory stocking programs from Component Distributors, Inc. In addition, your design will be registered by CDI and TE Connectivity, our Vendor Partner.
A: Choose From the Diverse Range of Position Sensors Here
B: Or create your own Design! Introducing the RVIT-Z OEM Sensor
RVIT-Z Series
The RVIT-Z Series from TE are flat, non-contact, angular displacement sensors, specifically designed to meet the unique physical and electrical requirements of each individual OEM application. The final product is optimized to provide maximum performance at the lowest possible installed cost. The unique design of the RVIT-Z incorporates our proprietary RVIT (Rotary Variable Inductive Transducer) technology and the signal conditioning circuitry on a single printed circuit board. The RVIT-Z provides an ultra-low profile, high accuracy, and infinite resolution solution for rotary and angular measurements in OEM applications. The absence of wipers, brushes, slip rings or magnetic materials eliminates wear, static friction, hysteresis and electrical noise while providing a very low rotor moment of inertia.
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