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DK-10100 has introduced their newest break out board, NW-ENV-ICP10100, barometric (altimeter) pressure sensor. Based on the TDK InvenSense ICP-10100 pressure sensor, this family of sensors are based on MEMS capacitive technology which provides ultra-low noise at the lowest power, enabling industry leading elative accuracy, sensor throughput, and temperature stability.

The pressure sensor can measure pressure differences with an accuracy of ±1 Pa, an accuracy enabling altitude measurement differentials as small as 8.5 cm, less than the height of a single stair step.

Other Features Include:
  • Pressure operating range: 30 to 110 kPa
  • Pressure Sensor Relative Accuracy: ±1 Pa for any 10 hPa change over 950 hPa-1050 hPa at 25°C
  • Pressure Sensor Absolute Accuracy: ±1 hPa over 950 hPa-1050 hPa, 0°C to 65°C
  • Pressure Sensor Temperature Coefficient Offset: ±0.5 Pa/°C over 25°C to 45°C at 100 kPa
  • Temperature Sensor Absolute Accuracy: ±0.4°C
  • IPx8: Waterproof to 1.5m depth (ICP-10100 & ICP-10110)
  • Temperature operating range: -40 °C to 85 °C
  • Host Interface: I2C at up to 400 kHz
  • Single Supply voltage: 1.8V ±5%
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