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XOB (Xicato on Board) Now Shipping


The Highly Anticipated XOB Is Here!

XOB (Xicato on Board)
XOB (Xicato on Board)Xicato has done it again! Our world class team of innovators have created yet another new category of high density light sources we call XOB (Xicato on Board). And we listened to you! This category delivers the differentiation and flexibility you’ve been craving. It expands our world renowned portfolio of high quality and performance lights with many more standard size options. XOB is immediately available in 6 and 9mm LES packages, with larger arrays coming later this year.
“With XOB we’re making Xicato quality accessible for any type of installation by combining our innovative technology with disruptive price-to-performance characteristics, thereby enabling our customers and partners to win more often through differentiation,” Amir Zoufonoun, Chief Executive Officer.
XOB Highlights:
  • 6mm, 9.8mm, 14.5mm, 23mm, and 32.8mm sizes for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Xicato color points from 2700K to 4000K with 1×2-step SDCM harmonized with the rest of the Xicato portfolio
  • Minimum 80, 90, and 95 CRI options
  • Xicato’s renowned performance, quality and warranty
Additional Information:
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About Xicato
Xicato designs and develops light sources and electronics that enable architects, designers, facilities managers, and building owners to create beautiful, connected, smart spaces. Xicato’s light sources have set the standard for quality of light and are installed in thousands of locations around the world – they are the go-to option when people care about the quality of light. Xicato’s Bluetooth lighting controls are installed in a wide range of locations and are integrated with a range of luminaires and building management systems. Today they are delivering cost savings from installation through operation, and providing scene-setting capabilities that are second to none.
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