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Learn About the CITILED COB Series Ver. 8 from Component Distributors, Inc.

Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd

Learn About the CITILED COB Series Ver. 8
from Component Distributors, Inc.

CITILED COB Series Ver. 8
High Efficacy and 2-Step Ellipse Standard
CITILED COB Series Ver.8
High Efficacy and 2-step Ellipse Standard By optimizing each production process, the chromaticity range has achieved 2-step ellipse as a standard specification. The 2-step ellipse color definition at Tj=85C ensures uniform optical performance in various applications. The new model shares the same outline design and LES size as the traditional Standard Type (Ver.1~6).
Point Source
High Intensity type Ver.3
High Intensity Type Ver.3 has been developed as a high performance product with high luminous flux through the full use of the Citizen Electronics’ packaging techniques. We have added the new LES size of 4.2mm and 3.3mm to our product lineup, which makes it possible to realize narrower light distribution than before and as a result contribute to the downsizing of optical parts. High Intensity Type Ver.3 offers an opportunity to develop compact and high-performance truck light, downlight, lamp, and other lighting products due to its high performance. Point Source
High Color Quality
High Color Quality Much more vividness for LED lighting. In addition to the high color rendering LEDs aim at making the color of objects truer, the demands on high chromatic LEDs targeted for making objects more vivid are increasing. For more brilliant & attractive display. These new products are the most suitable for the applications that emphasize the appearance of commercial products like store lighting and lighting for signboards. Spectrum tuning technology. Citizen Electronic has developed high chromatic LEDs that enable the vivid appearance of objects by selecting LED dice or phosphor turning the light emitting spectrum.
Tunable White
CITILED Tunable White
Tunable white is a module PKG product that achieves thin, small size and LES small size by using ultra-small CSP. By using the two-color LED, it is possible to freely change the luminous flux and color tone, so it is possible to produce light according to the scene. Tunable White
High Efficacy and 2-Step Ellipse Standard
High Efficacy and 2-Step Ellipse Standard High Efficacy LED solutions make a great contribution to the high-performance luminaries and luminaire design flexibility.
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Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd
Citizen Electronics produces COB & SMD LEDs for general lighting applications with superior brightness and efficacy and a chromaticity range with minimal color variability.
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