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Best Deals on Portable Surface Roughness Testers at CDI: Surftest SJ-210, Pocket Surf® IV, and PS10

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Best Deals on Portable Surface Roughness Testers at CDI
Surftest SJ-210, Pocket Surf® IV, and PS10

Introducing the Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210 Series with
FREE NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
Portable Surface Roughness Tester
Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210 Series
Lowest Authorized Stocking Distributor Price Guarantee!!!
Part# 178-561-02A $1,979.00 While Supplies Last!!!
This is it! A small, lightweight, and extremely easy to use surface roughness measurement instrument that lets you view surface roughness waveforms right on the color LCD screen. The Surftest SJ-210 is a user-friendly surface roughness measurement instrument designed as a handheld tool that can be carried with you and used on-site.

The Surftest SJ-210 can perform measurements in any orientation, including vertical and upside-down. Optional accessories, such as a height gage adapter, allow measurements to be performed efficiently in various situations and setups.

When you purchase the SJ-210 from CDI you will also receive a FREE NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate. The calibration services of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are designed to help the makers and users of precision instruments achieve the highest possible levels of measurement quality and productivity.

Introducing the MAHR Pocketsurf IV
Mobile Roughness Measuring Instrument
MAHR Pocketsurf IV
Lowest Authorized Stocking Distributor Price Guarantee!!!
Part# 2191800 $1,799.00 While Supplies Last!!!
  • Durable cast aluminum housing to provide years of accurate and reliable measuring operations
  • Can be used to measure four selectable parameters: Ra, Rmax/Ry, Rz
  • Review all the parameters after the measurement is complete
  • Adjustable measuring length based on 1, 3 or 5 times the cutoff wavelength of 0.8 mm/0.030″
  • Operates in any position – horizontal, vertical, and upside down
  • Four switchable probe positions – axial or at an angle of 90°, 180° or 270°
  • Even difficult to reach surfaces such as inside and outside diameters are accessible
  • MarConnect data output for easy data transfer that is compatible with standard data processing systems
  • Easy to read LCD presents the measured roughness value in µm or µinch immediately after scanning
  • Out of range (high or low) and ‘low battery’ signals are also displayed
  • Simplified calibration process
  • Improved battery life with 9V battery that is easy to replace
Introducing the Mahr MarSurf PS10
Mobile Roughness Measuring Instrument
Mahr MarSurf PS10 Part# 6910232 $2,300.00 While Supplies Last!!!
Lowest Authorized Stocking Distributor Price Guarantee!!!
Part# 6910232 $2,300.00 While Supplies Last!!!
  • Compact roughness measuring instrument for mobile use
  • Simple and intuitive to use, as easy as using a smart phone
  • Large, illuminated 4.3″ TFT touch display
  • Adjustable display
  • Data backup as TXT, X3P, CSV or PDF file
  • Create complete PDF measuring records directly in the measuring instrument
  • Customized comments for the PDF measuring record can be entered directly into the MarSurf PS 10
  • Mains-independent operation: Over 1200 measurements without having to recharge the instrument
  • An all-in-one solution. Small and lightweight (approx. 500 g)
  • Instrument flexibility: removable drive unit
  • 31 surface parameters: offer the same range of functions as a laboratory instrument
  • Roughness standard stored within housing aids in reducing errors
  • Automatic cutoff selection, so even non-specialists can be sure of getting the correct measuring results
About Mitutoyo
CDI is an authorized distributor for Mitutoyo. Mitutoyo offers laser scan micrometers, surface roughness testers, digital indicators, and other various measurement tools including digital and dial indicators. These products are used for precision measuring and are widely used in the aerospace, automotive and medical markets. Mitutoyo has been producing micrometers since 1937 and is a world leader in metrology.
About Mahr
Mahr, Inc. an industrial metrology leader manufactures industry leading gaging and metrology tools and instrumentation. Mahr’s line-up includes PS10 Pocket Surf, Marcal Calipers, Digimar Height Measuring Instruments, Micromar Micrometers, Martest Test Indicators, Marcator Dial Indicators and Digital Indicators, Millimess Dial and Digital Comparators, Air Gaging, Measuring and Inspection Instruments, Standards, Gages, Gage Blocks, Vision Systems and Measuring Microscopes.
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