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TE Connectivity Pressure Transducers/Transmitters, P900

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TE Connectivity Pressure Transducers/Transmitters, P900 Series

TE Connectivity Pressure Transducers/Transmitters, P900
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Component Distributors is offering the TE Connectivity heavy duty industrial pressure transducers, the P900 Series. TE P900 Series (formerly Schaevitz Sensors) Pressure Transducers are available in a variety of standard pressure ranges and electrical outputs. Customer versions are available as well.

The P900 Series strain gauge pressure transducers/transmitter are premium grade sensors that provide highly precise measurement of absolute, vented gauge, or sealed gauge pressures over wide temperature ranges.

Standard versions of this transducer use a 17-4 PH stainless steel diaphragm to sense pressure.

There are hundreds of custom versions of this device that include devices specifically made for many demanding industries, such as:
• Hydraulic Pressure Monitoring
• Rolling, Paper Aluminum, and other Mills
• Vehicle Brake System Testing Standard
• Nuclear Test Stands
• Oil Field Monitoring
• Military and Commercial Aircraft
Most of the custom part numbers are not shown on the standard P900 datasheet. Custom part numbers can be identified as within the part number the P9xx-01 xx-xxxPSx01. Some of the most requested part numbers include the popular P981-0107 Series for rolling mill applications which have internal feature such as bleed screw, hammering effect absorbents, hard over pressure stops, 316L stain steel contraction and more.

For parts with a cable output, the parts are offered with 1 meter of cable to 99 meters of additional cabling. For parts purchased with a Bendix connector, Component Distributors offers both the mating connect (part number 62101011-000), as well as the Bendix connect made specifically for vented gauge transducers (pin F is removed, part number 62101011-001). Many 2-wire, 4-20 mA option outputs are Intrinsic Safety, Approval to E Exia IIC T4 (Tamb=60°C) and BASEEFA, CENELEC EN50-020 Approved.

About TE Connectivity
For more than 30 years TE Connectivity’s (TE) Measurement Specialties sensors have been designed to address the most demanding engineering challenges across a wide range of industries and applications. TE’s Measurement Specialties sensor solutions measure pressure/force, position, vibration, temperature, humidity, and fluid properties and are at the heart of many everyday products and provide a vital link to the physical world.
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