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Inductive Proximity Sensors from Mercury United Available at CDI

Mercury United
Mercury United Proudly Introduces the Industry’s ONLY
Ultra Low-Powered, 2.5 V. 4 µA Operating Current,
Inductive Proximity Sensors!
Inductive Proximity Sensors!
Inductive Proximity Sensor Leakage Current Demonstration
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Check out these Inductive Proximity Features!!
• Operable with Solar Cells or one Single Battery
• Ultra-low power supply voltage levels from +2.5V to +27V
• Fast start-up time of 20 µ seconds typical
• Fast response time of 200 µ seconds typical
• Normally closed or normally open NMOS switching output options
• 2-wire or 3-wire cabling available
• Custom housing, mounting & sensing distances are available
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Considering a New Proximity Sensor Design?
Check out our Demo Board for your evaluation and custom integration. Sensor housing and mounting can be customized and tailored per your requirement.

Considering a New Proximity Sensor Design?
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About Mercury United
MERCURY Electronic Ind Co., Ltd. was established over 40 years ago, in 1973, as the first quartz crystal frequency control product manufacturer in Taiwan.
As a pioneer in the crystal industry, Mercury continues to meet market demands by researching & developing many new cutting-edge products. Many of these high-precision products meet very tight and accurate specifications, and they are also available in miniature surface mount packages. Frequencies range from the low KHz, up to eight hundred MHz.

Quality is second-to-none at Mercury, insuring that each lot will meet the standards necessary for each and every application from space technology, telecommunications to consumer electronics.Mercury is committed to maintaining their high Quality standards by constantly improving their manufacturing technologies and maintaining their new product development.

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