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WiGauge Gen 1 and Gen 2 from Solartron Metrology

Solartron Metrology
WiGauge Gen 1 and Gen 2 from Solartron Metrology
The freedom to roam with Solartron’s WiGauge™ brings increased efficiency to gauging stations and work practices. The ability to work without cables means that the gauging process is not restricted by cable length and routing, or the risk of cable damage.

The audio and visual pass/fail indicators on the WiGauge™ give the operator the opportunity to decide whether to remove a component from a machine tool while the reading is logged into a system that can be up to 15 meters away. The rugged construction and class 1 Bluetooth® communication ensure that it can work reliably in the often-hostile environment of an engineering machine shop. With the NEW option of an integral LCD display the WiGauge™ offers even more flexibility.

Post process gauging stations become more flexible and with the ability to connect multiple WiGauge™ to a single receiver, cable tangles are eliminated in multi-point gauging applications.

WiGauge Gen 1 and Gen 2 from Solartron Metrology
  • 10 mm and 6 mm diameter fixing threads (as used on most popular gauge heads)
  • LCD Screen option
  • < 0.1 µm resolution (user selectable)
  • Up to 15-meter data transmission, via class 1 Bluetooth®
  • Multiple WiGauge™ connected to a single system
  • 10 hours battery life (based on continuous data transmission)
  • Fast battery recharge
  • IP65 protection
  • Pass/fail range lamps
  • Audio indication of data transmission
Wireless Connection Module
  • Allows wireless products to be read directly via Orbit®
  • Connect up to 6 Solartron Wireless products per module
  • Does not need to use Windows or 3rd party Bluetooth® drivers
  • Download Datasheet
Wireless Connection Module
WiGauge Products Available at CDI:
Part #: Description:
977156-3 WCM Wireless Control Module, Allows 6 Solartron Wireless Tools to be Read Directly via Orbit.
973361B Wigauge GEN I – Inductive – SCREW DOWN, Comprising of: WBG Hand Tool and Battery Pack
973279B Wigague GEN II Kit – Inductive – QUARTER TURN, Comprising of: WBG w/LCD Display, Battery Pack and Inductive Charger Cradle Assembly.
973360B Wigauge GEN II – Inductive – SCREW DOWN
973375B Wigauge GEN II Tool – Inductive – SCREW DOWN, **Hand Tool Only w/ LCD Display
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