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SmartBug (MD-42688-P) Smart Multi-Sensor Wireless Module for IoT Applications

TDK Multi-Sensor Solutions by InvenSense
SmartBug (MD-42688-P)
Smart Multi-Sensor Wireless Module for IoT Applications
TDK’s SmartBug (MD-42688-P)
TDK’s SmartBug (MD-42688-P) is a multi-sensor wireless module that leverages TDK’s MEMS sensors and algorithms for a wide range of IoT applications.

This module combines six sensors, a powerful wireless (BLE) MCU, seven algorithm driven features and a rechargeable battery, all in a small lady-bug enclosure. It also comes with the option of an Add-On board that includes a WiFi module, an SD card slot, and an ultrasonic sensor from TDK.

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MD-42688-P Smart Bug multi-sensor wireless module for data collection
MD-42688-P-XB Expansion board for SmartBug module for WIFI, SD card
Algorithmic Features (Visualize and Log Output)
Sensor Data Raw sensor data streaming with configurable FSR and ODR
Smart Door Lock with a 6-axis IMU that detects if door is in open or close state (with < 3-degree accuracy)
Asset Monitoring using 6- axis IMU and pressure/temperature/humidity sensor for monitoring the condition of the asset
HVAC filter Monitoring Use 2 modules to determine the Pressure and show alerts based on P thresholds
Air Mouse Use 6-axis IMU to map the movement of an Air Mouse
Robo-Vacuum Use 6-axis IMU to determine the orientation (dynamic heading) of the robot while its moving
Sensor Fusion 6-axis and 9-axis sensor fusion output with advanced calibration (gyro bias tracker)
APEX Outputs Tap, Tilt, Raise to Wake, Pedometer, WOM
Key Features
  • All-In-One Sensor Module including a combination of sensors and algorithms
  • Out-of-Box Solution
  • Pre-programmed. No soldering or programming needed.
  • Dedicated source of raw and intelligent sensor data
  • Small size lets you stick this module almost anywhere
  • BLE, USB, WiFi and SD data logging
  • Reliable and quality data from highperformance sensors and algorithms
  • Over the Air (OTA) Firmware upgrade.
  • Optional Add-On Board adds WIFI, SD card and an ultrasonic range sensor
  • Visualization Software Available
TDK Multi-Sensor Solutions by InvenSense
InvenSense, Inc, a TDK Group Company: InvenSense is part of the Sensor System Business Company within TDK and is the industry leader in MEMS Motion, Audio, and Pressure Solutions for the consumer, industrial, automotive, and IoT market segments. With a very robust portfolio of MEMS 3/6/7/9 axis motion sensors, accompanied by the highest performing MEMS audio microphones, and pressure sensors – TDK continues to push the boundaries of performance and quality; setting new standards of innovation across multiple industries.
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