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notWired NW-PA2731-130-P High Fidelity, High Performance Broadband RF Amplifier at CDI
notWired NW-PA2731-130-P High Fidelity,
High Performance Broadband RF Amplifier
Component Distributors continuously works to facilitate design success and faster time-to-market. An excellent example of this effort can be found in the NW-PA2731-130-P. This product, which custom-designed for a customer delivers 140W of pulsed power in the S-band. The PA pulse settling time is remarkably low, at 1 microsecond, allowing for rapid pulsing of the amplifier. The amplifier covers the 2700-3100 MHz band, and boasts an overall efficiency of 46% for the entire lineup (~52 dB of gain). It is contained in an aluminum housing and is very compact at 5”x7”x1.25”. The amplifier operates from a single 50V supply and provides both forward and reflected power monitoring.
This custom design, which incorporates the Sumitomo SGN2731-130H-R GaN power transistor, is available as a standard product from CDI. Alternatively, will work with Sumitomo or other CDI suppliers to custom make a PA to your specifications. Collaboration between CDI and our vendor partners is the hallmark of our success, and in keeping with our mission to connect our customers to solutions that accelerate their time to market. CDI will leverage its product knowledge, technical expertise, and evaluation tools to find the right solution for your design, even if it means we need to recommend competitor’s part.
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