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Schaevitz LBB Gage Heads In-Stock at CDI

Schaevitz Sensors at CDI

Schaevitz LBB Gage Heads In-Stock at CDI!

Today’s Featured Gage Head…
LBB375PA-040 (Part# 02350716-000)
Today’s Featured Gage Head… LBB375PA-040 (Part# 02350716-000)
Measuring Range: ±0.040 [±1.02]

The Linear Ball Bearing (LBB) Ultra-Precision gage heads are dimensional gaging probes engineered for highly precise and repeatable measurements in quality control and metrology applications. The linear ball bearing system within the gaging probe reduces radial play to a minute level and minimizes friction for ultra-precise measurement.

Was $439.00
On Sale Today: $298.00 ea.
(While supplies last)

About Schaevitz Sensors
CDI is an authorized TE Connectivity distributor for Position Sensors, still referred to today as the Schaevitz Sensors. LVDT’s, tilt sensors, and signal conditioning for LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) and RVDT (Rotary Variable Differential Transformer). Schaevitz specializes in sensors for the position feedback and process control markets and CDI is the national stocking distributor.
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