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Covid-19 Social Distancing Proximity Beacons from and EM Microelectronic

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Covid-19 Social Distancing Proximity Beacons from and EM Microelectronic
Social Distance
Social Distancing Beacons has collaborated with EM Microelectronic to customize the popular EMBC22 Bluetooth beacon with new firmware to allow the beacon to become a visual social distancing indicator for the fight against Covid-19 virus. When users are wearing the NW-PRX-SoDist-1 (lanyard) or the NW-PRX-SoDist-2 (wrist worn) beacon, the beacons will indicate when users are closer than six feet by simply showing a blinking red LED. When the beacons are moved away from each other, the device will blink a green LED a few times, and then the beacon will go into a sleep mode until the next distancing issue.
NW-PRX-SoDist-1 (lanyard) NW-PRX-SoDist-2 (wrist warn)
NW-PRX-SoDist-1 (lanyard) NW-PRX-SoDist-2 (wrist warn)
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Firmware for Proximity Beacon
In addition, EM Microelectronic has added a feature which allows the contact history information to be downloaded. The contact history information identifies each beacon by a unique serial number and an estimate of the amount of time in contact. The firmware is meant for the user to customize thus differentiating their end solution from others. EM Microelectronic has provided a simple Python software program to get users started.
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