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MLDX – Millivolt Output Low Pressure DX Series from All Sensors

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MLDX – Millivolt Output Low Pressure DX Series
from All Sensors
MLDX series pressure sensors are fully compatible as a drop-in replacement for Honeywell SDX series sensors. The new series offers OEM customers design flexibility and high performance over a wide temperature range, for pressure ranges from 5 inH2O to 100 PSI.

The MLDX Series is based on All Sensors’ CoBeam2 Technology, which reduces package stress susceptibility — resulting in improved overall long-term stability and vastly improved position sensitivity. This innovative sensing element technology offers best in class, ultra-low-pressure sensing.

The MLDX Series has a temperature compensated output signal and is calibrated for zero and span. By offering a compensated and calibrated output signal, many errors associated with pressure measurement are corrected, offering an accurate and stable signal.
Devices come in differential 5 inH2O, 10 inH2O, 1 to 100 PSID, and 15 to 100 PSIA pressure ranges.

Product Details:
Product Details
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MLDX Series Pressure-Sensor Features:
• Compatible Electrical Footprint with Honeywell SDX Series
• High sensitivity and accuracy
• DIP package for PCB Mounting
• Temperature compensated and calibrated mV output signal
• Enhanced front-to-back linearity
• All Sensors’ CoBeam2 technology
• Protective Parylene Coating Option for protection against moisture and harsh media
MLDX Series Pressure-Sensor Applications:
Suitable applications for this device include HVAC, industrial controls, environmental controls, air sampling equipment, and portable and handheld equipment.
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About All Sensors
All Sensors is a leading manufacturer specializing in MEMS ultra-low level (0.1-inch water to 5 psi) pressure sensors and pressure transducers. Our company goal is to manufacture high accuracy, quality pressure sensors that provide customers with the ideal sensor solution. Our pressure sensors are offered in pressure ranges from the ultra-low (0.1-inch water column to 1 inch water column) to medium pressures (1 inch water column to 30 inches) as well as pressure ranges from 1 psi to 100 psi.
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