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CDI Precision Measurement Team and Mahr
Proudly Present the 5-Micron Pocket Surf IV

CDI Precision Measurement Team and Mahr
Proudly Present the 5-Micron Pocketsurf IV
CDI Precision Measurement Team and Mahr
Proudly Present the 5-Micron Pocket Surf IV
Mahr Order Number 2191802
Mahr Order Number 2191802
Why a 5 Micron Probe Tip vs. a 10 Micron Probe Tip?
For surface testing applications requiring a 20 Ra or less, Mahr will always recommend the 5 micron (“It’s a sharper tip”). It’s important to decide which radii for the diamond stylus that is used on the probe itself. Basically, there are three different radii that are commonly available today: 2µm/80µ”, 5µm/0.0002″ or 10µm/0.0004″, all on a 90° conical cone.

In Europe and throughout much of the world, the 2µm/80µ” probe is the most common. In the U.S., many applications call for the 5µm/0.0002″ probe, although for rougher surfaces a 10µm/0.0004″ probe may also be specified.

Probe radius is a big determinant of contact force. The smaller the radius of the probe, the lighter gaging force required. Too much probe force with a small radius probe can scratch the surface. For a 2µm/80µ” probe, a 0.7mN force is typically used. For a 5µm/0.0002″ or a 10µm/0.0004″ radius, a 15mN force is standard.

Part# 2191802 / with 5 Micron Probe
2191802 – POCKET SURF IV
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  • Sturdy housing made of cast aluminum guarantees accurate and reliable measurement operation over many years
  • Measurement of four selectable parameters: Ra, Rmax/Ry, Rz
  • Reading of all the parameters after the measurement is completed
  • Measuring length adjustable based on 1x, 3x or 5x the cutoff wavelength 0.8 mm/0.030“
  • Can be implemented in any position – horizontal, vertical and upside down
  • Four locking probe positions – axial or at 90°, 180°, or 270° angle
  • Even difficult to reach surfaces on the inner and outer diameters are accessible
  • MarConnect data output for simple data transmission, compatible with standard data recording systems
  • Easy to read LCD displays the measured roughness parameters immediately after scanning the surface
  • Messages indicating when ranges exceed or fall below a limit and a battery warning symbol are also displayed
  • Simplified calibration process
  • Improved battery life with easy to replace 9V battery
Watch the Pocket Surf IV Video
Watch the Pocketsurf IV Video
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Also On Sale Part# 2191800 / 10 Micron Probe
2191800 – POCKET SURF IV
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