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All Sensors C-Grade Miniature Pressure Sensors November 2020 Promotion at CDI

All Sensors at CDI
All Sensors C-Grade Miniature Pressure Sensors
November 2020 Promotion at CDI
*Quantity Listed Below Available as of 11/3/2020.
All Sensors C-Grade Pressure Sensors
The Miniature series pressure sensors are based upon a proprietary technology to reduce the size of the sensor and yet maintain a high level of performance. This model provides a calibrated millivolt output with superior output offset characteristics. Output offset errors due to change in temperature, stability to warm-up, stability to long time period, and position sensitivity are all significantly reduced when compared to conventional compensation methods. Click here to download data sheet.
Part Number *Quantity Available Pricing
0.3 PSI-D-CGRADE-MINI 5 $33.56
10 INCH-D-CGRADE-MINI 5 $33.56
5 PSI-D-CGRADE-MINI 5 $31.50
15 PSI-AF-CGRADE-MINI 5 $35.71
15 PSI-D-CGRADE-MINI 5 $31.50
15 PSI-GF-CGRADE-MINI 5 $31.50
30 PSI-D-CGRADE-MINI 25 $31.50
100 PSI-GF-HGRADE-MINI 5 $35.71
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Scott Weatherwax
Direct: (303) 357-2734
About All Sensors
All Sensors is a leading manufacturer specializing in MEMS ultra-low level (0.1 inch water to 5 psi) pressure sensors and pressure transducers.. Our company goal is to manufacture high accuracy, quality pressure sensors that provide customers with the ideal sensor solution. Our pressure sensors are offered in pressure ranges from the ultra low (0.1 inch water column to 1 inch water column) to medium pressures (1 inch water column to 30 inches) as well as pressure ranges from 1 psi to 100 psi.
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