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Mtron PTI Filters & Oscillators for Satellite Communications Available at CDI

Mtron PTI at CDI
Mtron PTI Filters & Oscillators for Satellite Communications
Available at CDI
Mtron PTI Satellite Communications
MtronPTI is a proven market leader for highly selective filter products and tight stability, low phase noise and low g-sensitivity oscillators.
As a fully integrated design and manufacturing organization, MtronPTI has an established team and track record to meet ground, shipboard and airborne satellite communications component, and subsystem needs. Supporting military and commercial satellite communication applications, MtronPTI offers standard and custom products that meet size, weight, performance, and reliability requirements.
MtronPTI RF & Microwave Products
  • Ultra-Lightweight and Compact Solutions
  • High Power Handling RF Filters
  • Corona Discharge Analysis / Testing
  • High Channel to Channel Isolation
  • Very Low Insertion Loss
  • Ultra-low phase and tight stability in a small package
  • E-Vibe compensation oscillator capability, low g-sensitivity
Product Lines
  • Tight stability, Low Phase Noise and Low G-sensitivity OCXOs up to 6 GHz
  • PLL integrated Oscillators
  • LC Filters to 6 GHz
  • Cavity / Waveguide Filters to 30 GHz
  • N-plexers, Switched Filter Banks
  • Low G Sensitivity TCXO
  • Low Phase noise VCXO
  • Integrated Microwave Assemblies
  • Including RF Filters, LNA and Switching
Production Capabilities
  • Low Phase Noise Measurement
  • World-Class FOD Control
  • In House Crystal Processing
  • Laser Weld
About MtronPTI
MtronPTI offers a wide range of precision frequency control and spectrum control solutions including: RF, microwave and millimeter wave filters, cavity filters – crystal, ceramic, lumped element and switched filters, high performance and high frequency OCXOs, integrated PLL OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, low jitter and harsh environment oscillators and crystals. In 2014 MtronPTI added state-of-the-art solid state power amplifier products.
Vertically integrated with complete control of basic material science and manufacturing, MtronPTI provides solutions for high reliability high performance and Mil/Aero communication and control, Satcom terminals, test and measurement and energy management applications. MtronPTI is based in Orlando, Florida, with design, sales and manufacturing locations in North America, India and Asia. MtronPTI is a subsidiary of The LGL Group (NYSE MKT: LGL).
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