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AG-LC Series Ground Fault Sensor from NK Technologies

NK Technologies at CDI
CDI Precision Measurement Introduces NK Technologies
AC High Current Ground Fault Sensors
AG-LC Series Ground Fault Sensor
AG-LC Series Ground Fault Sensor
Large sensing window provides ample space for multiple conductors up to
800 amps through a single sensing ring.
AG-LC Series Adjustable Set Point AG-LC Series Fixed Set Point
Five Year Warranty, RoHS 3 Compliant, UL
The AG-LC Series ground fault sensors feature an innovative design ideal for monitoring larger circuits. The 2011 NEC added section 555.3 to require ground fault protection of the main overcurrent device feeding marinas and boat yards. These services are often carrying up to 800 amps; most sensor designs will not allow the conductors to pass through a single sensing ring. By designing a sensor in a large solid-core housing, the conductors will not have to be passed through a separate sensing device like a zero-sequence current transformer. This design makes monitoring of larger circuits a breeze, whether to protect boaters or large equipment like amusement park rides or gantry cranes.
  • Provides both normally open and normally closed contacts
  • Compatible with most automation and control systems
  • A choice of fail-safe or standard operation
  • Single turn potentiometer with setpoint shown on label
  • Adjustable delay to mask out nuisance fault current
  • Large sensing window provides ample space for multiple conductors
  • Simple snap onto DIN rail or attach with screws to a panel for secure mounting
Monitor Large Machines
  • Detect leakage to earth before the problem can cause damage.
Water Delivery and Treatment
  • Keep pumping systems safe and in operation.
  • Sense faulting stator windings prior to failure.
AG-LC Datasheet
To learn more about ground fault sensing, download the
NK Technologies Technical Guide to Ground Fault Sensing
To learn more about all the current, voltage, power and ground fault sensors NK Technologies offers, download the 2020 Product Catalog
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