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VIOLET Gets Narrower and Wider Beams to Target More UV-C Light on Pathogens

VIOLET Gets Narrower and Wider Beams to Target More
UV-C Light on Pathogens
LEDiL’s VIOLET is the first standard silicone optic especially designed for professional UV-C lighting – with two new beams now available.

VIOLET-RS has a narrow 14-degree light distribution and therefore provides a great peak and greater reach than any other VIOLET version. This makes VIOLET-RS the perfect solution for UV-C applications that need to cover long distances such as upper air disinfection.

VIOLET-W has around 60-degree light distribution allowing a wider and efficient spread from close distances.

All VIOLET optics are ingress protected and come with a stainless-steel frame.

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Watch the LEDiL UV-C Disinfection Video Below
UV-C Disinfection Using LEDs & Violet.
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