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Mahr (MarCator) Digital Indicators With Integrated Wireless Data Transmission

Mahr at CDI
Mahr (MarCator) Digital Indicators
Integrated Wireless Data Transmission
Mahr’s portfolio of wireless tools offers you maximum mobility for your measuring tasks. The wireless solution of Integrated Wireless Indicators, Marcator 1086Ri, and Marcator 1087Ri measuring instruments means you can measure without impediment. The Integrated Wireless connection, together with your MarConnect interface, offers the optimal connection to your recording and evaluation program. Mahr’s Integrated Wireless tools are compatible with Windows® Excel® or a complex CAQ/SPC software.
Mahr (MarCator) Digital Indicators
• Integrated wireless transmitter
• High contrast LCD
• Operating and display unit (bezel) can be rotated through 280°
• Mounting shank and measuring spindle are both made of hardened stainless steel
• Immediate measurements due to the Reference System
I Stick
I Stick
With integrated wireless, you can connect up to 8 measuring instruments per i-Stick receiver
– Expensive interface boxes are no longer necessary
Free Marcomm Software Download!!
Free Marcomm Software Download!!
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