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With a mission to help OEMs accelerate product time-to-market, offers design services tailored to the specific needs of the customer. These services can be as simple as reviewing a customer’s design or as complex as having design a complete product.  After the customer requirements are defined, steps can include component selection or recommendations, block diagram or lineup proposals, schematic capture, simulation, layout, test and tune, as well as prototype and data package delivery.  Outsourcing part of the product design to enables OEMs to accomplish more with limited resources. Gaps in a product design can be more quickly and expertly filled.

The engineering lab is fully outfitted with the equipment and software necessary to take your design requirements and turn them into a fully functioning and tested prototype. Combined with our experience in RF circuit and system design, embedded firmware, and digital and analog circuit design, capabilities include high power RF test and measurement, Spice and RF simulation, and both PCB and mechanical design. The team has relationships with US and offshore manufacturing partners to provide populated PCBs, sub-assemblies, and automated software for final test solutions.

Design Services Example #1 – Lineup Simulation with Keysight ADS
Customers can benefit from RF circuit layout and design support provided by Using Keysight ADS to analyze RF circuits to optimize performance, offers to simulate RF circuits to predict performance before fabrication.
  Design Services Example #1 – Lineup Simulation with Keysight ADS  
Design Services Example #2 – Optimizing UVC LED Boards for Sensing and Communications
The world of ultraviolet disinfection using UVC LEDs is a new and rapidly growing industry. Without much history or experience designing these types of systems, customers are turning to for assistance. In this example, helped a customer implement remote monitoring on the UVC LED board that was mounted underneath a lens.
  Design Services Example #2 – Optimizing UVC LED Boards for Sensing and Communications  
About helps OEMs accelerate product time-to-market by outsourcing part (or all) of the circuit, hardware, and firmware design. has expertise in high-power RF, low-power wireless, sensors, and LED lighting controls.

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