CDI Blog For Engineers Spotlight on: RF Spotlight on: RF Spotlight: High-Power RF Amplifers helps OEMs accelerate product time-to-market by outsourcing part (or all) of the circuit, hardware, and firmware design and has expertise in large signal, small signal and passive RF in a variety of communication and radar applications.’s Proven Process:
4 – Execute
When and as required, provide quotes, samples, inventory management, shipments and deliverables. Proven Process Graphic 1 – Indentify Problems
What are the customer needs and wants that can solve?
3 – Define Deliverables
What combination of schematics, evaluation boards, data packages and/or prototypes are required and in what timeframe?
2 – Connect to Solutions
What combination of design services, evaluation boards, components, custom modules and/or manufactured products is the desired solution set?
The engineering lab is fully outfitted with the equipment and software necessary to take your engineering needs and wants and turn them into the desired deliverables. Combined with our experience in RF circuit and system design, embedded firmware, and digital and analog circuit design, capabilities include high power RF test and measurement, Spice and RF simulation, and both PCB and mechanical design. The team has relationships with US and offshore manufacturing partners to provide populated PCBs, sub-assemblies, and automated software for final test solutions.
Specific Offerings Include:
  • Design Services – will act as an extension of your engineering team, ranging from basic design reviews to full product design.
  • Evaluation Boards – will enable your engineering team to evaluate devices and begin software development before creating hardware.
  • Custom Modules – will design and supply custom hardware to your specifications.
  • Finished Products – will leverage our contract manufacturing and distribution relationships to take a full product design to completion.
Example RF Projects Include:
Broadband RF Amplifier Custom C-Band GaN Lineup GaN Bias Evaluation Board
Broadband RF Amplifier
(GaN 140W pulsed power 2.7GHz to 3.1GHz)
Custom C-Band GaN Lineup
(FM modulation scheme operating at 24V drain voltage)
GaN Bias Evaluation Board
(sequences gate and drain voltages to ensure proper bias)
About helps OEMs accelerate product time-to-market by outsourcing part (or all) of the circuit, hardware, and firmware design. has expertise in high-power RF, low-power wireless, sensors, and LED lighting controls.

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