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With a mission to help OEMs accelerate product time-to-market, provides a wide variety of ways for engineering teams to evaluate devices and begin software development before creating hardware. Breakout boards provide easy connections for small surface mount components; evaluation boards are functional modules including a print circuit board and bill of materials needed to electrically test a working device right out of the box; and demo kits come with both the mechanical and electrical hardware needed to demonstrate assembly and functionality. By designing and building off-the-shelf and custom evaluation boards, enables OEMs to save time and resources in their own product design cycle.

While device manufacturers produce evaluation boards as well, they often come with little, if any, test data and bias information, making it unusable for customers with little knowledge designing with that technology. Our goal at is to provide as much data and information as possible to make customer integration effortless and successful. For custom-tuned evaluation boards, supplies schematic capture (Altium Designer), bill of materials and characterization data.

The engineering lab is fully outfitted with the equipment and software necessary to take your design requirements and turn them into a fully functioning and tested evaluation board. Combined with our experience in RF circuit and system design, embedded firmware, and digital and analog circuit design, capabilities include high power RF test and measurement, Spice and RF simulation, and both PCB and mechanical design. The team has relationships with US and offshore manufacturing partners to provide populated PCBs, sub-assemblies, and automated software for final test solutions.

Example #1 – Breakout Board for TDK InvenSense 6-Axis Motion Sensor
The TDK InvenSense ICM-42686 is a 6-axis, single interface, motion tracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer in a small 2.5 x 3 x 0.91 mm (14-pin LGA) package. To make it easy to use in a design environment, created a small (16.3 x 13.8mm) breakout board with 2.54mm header spacing that can be directly soldered into a prototype or used with a breadboard. Header-header spacing is 7.62mm and all ICM-42686 pins are mapped to header pins. Example #1 – Breakout Board for TDK InvenSense 6-Axis Motion Sensor
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Example #2 – Bias Board for GaN Amplifiers
The transition from LDMOS to GaN technology for amplifier design has some nuances that must be addressed to successfully and safely evaluate cutting edge GaN technology. To address these nuances, built a GaN bias board to help address issues specific to the design of the gate bias requirements and gate and drain bias sequencing. This GaN bias board sequences the gate and drain voltages to ensure the GaN device is biased properly while monitoring the +5V and -5V voltage supply rails. If either +5V or -5V voltage supply rail is disconnected, and the GaN bias board removes the drain voltage to the GaN device before damage can occur.
  Example #2 – Bias Board for GaN Amplifiers  
Example #3 – Demo Kits for LED Lighting Components
While lighting fixture designers want to evaluate the latest LED component technologies coming onto the market, it takes some work to figure out and obtain the right match of components to conduct such a test, including the right driver, heat sink, thermal interface material, connector, lens, and control circuitry. To take away this burden, assembles demo kits for testing the latest components from Citizen, Xicato, LensVector, AUDAX and Crystal IS.
  Example #3 – Demo Kits for LED Lighting Components  
About helps OEMs accelerate product time-to-market by outsourcing part (or all) of the circuit, hardware, and firmware design. has expertise in high-power RF, low-power wireless, sensors, and LED lighting controls.

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