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With a mission to help OEMs accelerate product time-to-market, supplies custom hardware designed and built to specification. Outsourcing part of the product design and manufacturing to enables OEMs to accomplish more with limited resources. Gaps in a product design can be more quickly and expertly filled.

The engineering lab is fully outfitted with the equipment and software necessary to take your design requirements and turn them into a fully functioning and tested prototype and released module. Combined with our experience in RF circuit and system design, embedded firmware, and digital and analog circuit design, capabilities include high power RF test and measurement, Spice and RF simulation, and both PCB and mechanical design. The team has relationships with US and offshore manufacturing partners to provide populated PCBs, sub-assemblies, and automated software for final test solutions.

Custom Module Example #1 – Broadband RF Amplifier for Use in an S-Band Radar
Utilizing industry leading GaN technology and cutting-edge control circuitry, created a high fidelity, high performance broadband RF amplifier capable of producing 140W of pulsed power from 2.7GHz to 3.1GHz. This custom module only needs 1µs of settling time to be ready for RF drive and amplifier shutdown will be achieved in less than 1µs after the TTL gate has been removed.
Custom Module Example #1 – Broadband RF Amplifier for Use in an S-Band Radar
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Custom Module Example #2 – Adapter Board for Xicato XGC Module
Xicato GalaXi Cards (XGC) are small printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) that enable lighting fixture OEMs to develop control devices that can participate as wireless nodes in a Xicato GalaXi Bluetooth® mesh network. created an adapter board to make it easy for a lighting fixture OEM to utilize wire-to-board connections for DC power and UART communications to and from the Xicato XGC module.
Custom Module Example #2 – Adapter Board for Xicato XGC Module
About helps OEMs accelerate product time-to-market by outsourcing part (or all) of the circuit, hardware, and firmware design. has expertise in high-power RF, low-power wireless, sensors, and LED lighting controls.

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