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Transcom MMIC Products – New 5G Millimeter-Wave n257 and n261 Frequency Bands

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Transcom MMIC Products
New 5G Millimeter-Wave n257 and n261 Frequency Bands

CDI is pleased to announce availability of several new Transcom MMIC products that support the new 5G millimeter-wave n257 and n261 frequency bands.

Based on their industry-leading GaAs pHEMT process, these products offer high gain and excellent linearity over a range of power levels. This highly mature and production-proven pHEMT process features full passivation for increased performance and reliability. All devices are 100 % DC tested to assure consistent quality. Bond pads are gold plated for either thermocompression or thermosonic wire bonding. Backside gold plating is compatible with standard AuSn die attach methods. All devices are matched to 50 ohms on the RF input and output ports, simplifying the design process.

The table below provides a summary of products
and their associated specifications:

5G Band

Part Number

Frequency (GHz)

P1db (dBm)

Gain (dB)

IMD3 (dBc)




26.5 – 31.5



44 @ 20dBm SCL, 1 MHz tone




27 – 29.5



43 @ 20 dBm SCL, 20 MHz tone




27 – 29.5



41 @ 20 dBm SCL, 1 MHz tone




27 – 29.5



42 @ 14 dBm SCL, 20 MHz tone


MMIC Amplifier Pkg MMIC Amplifier – Die
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About Transcom
Transcom’s GaAs FETs product line offers devices with gate width of 160 um, 300 um, 600 um, 1.2 mm, 2.4 mm, 5 mm and 12 mm. All small signal devices are processed with 0.25 um gate. Devices with gate width larger than 1.2 mm can be processed with either 0.25 um or 0.5 um gate. This provides the flexibility for improving yield, and lowering cost, when devices are needed only for low frequency operation. Our PHEMT devices are fabricated with a proven technology that demonstrates both low noise and high dynamic range. Device performance has been proven to be among the best in the industry.
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