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High Power UVC Module for Disinfection from Citizen

Citizen Electronics at CDI
High Power UVC Module for Disinfection
Citizen Electronics has developed high-power UVC LED Modules for sterilization with a maximum output at 500mW, that includes high power UVC LED with an emission wavelength at 260nm to 270nm which is the highest sterilization efficiency.
Lineup of High Power UVC Modules for Disinfection
UVM001 UVM002 UVM003
UVM001 UVM002 UVM003
Product Features
  • High output 265nm UVC LED with the highest disinfection efficacy
  • UVC LED module for compact equipment and replacing germicidal lamps
  • Shorter disinfection time by efficient irradiation for disinfection area
  • Homogeneous irradiation to the disinfection area by a highly reflective integrated optics
  • Narrow, Middle, Wide light distribution lineup of reflectors available
  • High output 265nm UVC LED with the highest disinfection efficacy
  • Dustproof and waterproof (IP54) that can be used in high humidity environments such as air purifiers (*UVM001)
  • Replacement module for germicidal mercury lamps (*UVM002/UVM003)
Appearance UVM001 UVM002 UVM003
Narrow X X X
Middle X X X
Wide X    
Disinfection efficacy by 265nm
Relative value of disinfection effect by wavekength under an equal radiation power
  • 265nm has about 1.3 times sterilization effect than 275nm
  • Considering the wavelength tolerance +5nm,
    270nm has about 1.5 times sterilization effect than 280nm
About Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd
Citizen Electronics produces COB & SMD LEDs for general lighting applications with superior brightness and efficacy and a chromaticity range with minimal color variability.
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