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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire semiconductor industry is now facing challenges from raw material unavailability, wafer supply scarcity, and historically high demand, resulting in shortages across the industry.

This is causing many new application and Alpha and Beta pre-production builds to be pushed out or even to be put on hold. This is especially true on some TDK InvenSense products. However, there are still break-out-board available for many devices from TDK InvenSense for both Motion and Microphones. provides an easy to use, low-cost, very small breakout board for the microphone and motion sensor products from TDK InvenSense. All output pins are all mapped to standard 2.54mm/0.1” headers. This allows for use in a standard bread board or to be ‘wired’ into an application. The header-header spacing is 7.62mm (300mil). Here is a quick list of the available break out boards from

Motion: Microphone: Pressure:
NW-MOT-ICM20689 NW-AUD-ICS52000  
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