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MechaTronix Unveils CoolStar Series of Designer LED Coolers   “Because looks do count”, that was the basic idea when MechaTronix started to develop their next platform of spot light, down light and shop light coolers… Inspiration for the design was searched in natural elements which express the feeling of cool or cold. The result is an impressive series of new LED coolers with a stunning high end look. Koen Vangorp, CEO of MechaTronix “Although the first priority of a LED cooler remains a maximal cooling capacity in a limited volume,Read More
MechaTronix Patented High Bay Coolers for up to 35,000 Lumens – Available at CDI   To support the increased thermal management needs of the ever more powerful COBs coming on the market, MechaTronix offers the CoolBay® family of passive round LED coolers. Based on the patented CoolTube® quadruple closed-loop heat pipe structure, the CoolBay® is the most compact design on the market and comes in two power platforms: CoolBay® Giga cools up to 22,000 lumens in a diameter of 152mm CoolBay® Tera cools up to 35,000 lumens in a diameterRead More
MechaTronix Advanced Pin Fin LED Coolers for Tilted Spot Lights – Available at CDI   MechaTronix pin fin coolers were specifically developed to optimize free air convection behind LED spot and track lights that are tilted over 50 degrees. In tests comparing comparable extruded aluminum heat sinks against these second generation pin fin LED coolers, both had similar cooling performance in the classic vertical position. But once they were tilted to angles greater than 50 degrees, the pin fin LED coolers kept functioning while the extruded aluminum heat sinks lostRead More
LED Coolers from MechaTronix – Now Available at CDI     Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is proud to announce the addition of MechaTronix to its growing LED product portfolio. MechaTronix offers a complete range of both passive and active LED coolers for a variety of high bay, downlight, streetlight and spotlight applications. These Zhaga-ready heat sinks have a matrix of mounting holes for easy attachment of most LED COBs. Simply apply a thermal interface of your choice (or have MechaTronix screen it on), put the COB in place and fastenRead More