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Posted On April 16, 2018By Component Distributors Inc.In Ewave, Precision Measurement, Tru Position

TruPosition Gages at CDI

TruPosition™ Gages at CDI CDI Precision Measurement and the TruPosition™ team over at Component Engineering combine to offer the total solution approach to TruPosition™ Metrology and Data Collection.   For all you Solartron Orbit 3 Integrators and Users, we are very excited to show you how well the TruPosition™ Probes will interface with the industry leading Orbit3 Digital Gage Probe. TP109 TruPosition™ Probe Orbit3 Digital Gage Probe   Wireless Data Collection is a “Snap” with the MicroRidge Mobile Collect Transmitter / Receiver System and our TruPosition™ Digital Probes. TP102 TruRead More
CDI Precision Measurement Introduces TruPosition Probes!!! “Never before has gathering variable data on a hole location been so simple” Click here to watch a video and learn more about TruPosition Probes.   Meet the TruPosition Line-Up Digital TruPosition Probes: Our Digital TruPosition probes are perfect for applications that require multiple hole-location checks with a single probe. Dual LCD displays integrated directly into the handle allow these probes to accurately collect data with or without the use of a data collector. The digital TruPosition probes also allow a single probe toRead More