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MEAN WELL Low Profile Miniaturized Conduction Cooling Power Supply Family

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MEAN WELL Low Profile
Miniaturized Conduction Cooling Power Supply Family
MEAN WELL Low Profile - Miniaturized Conduction Cooling Power Supply Family

Are you still worrying about damage caused by long-term use of cooling fans, causing dust to accumulate, then overheating and damaging the power supply? Or is there excessive fan noise when the equipment is running? MEAN WELL has launched three series of conduction cooling, fanless power supplies – LSP, UHP, and PHP, which have the following four major advantages, and all of them are suitable for various indoor and outdoor equipment.

Noise issues during operation? Dust buildup due to fans and cause overheating?
Conduction Cooling
Fanless Design
Semi-potted for Dust-proof, Moisture-proof, and Shock-proof Performance
Conduction heat dissipation is suitable for high dust environments or outdoor system applications, reducing the damage caused by fans accumulating dust. The UHP series is filled silicon glue on the surface of the parts, which can be used in places with high dust or high humidity and can withstand the effects of 5G vibration.
Low Profile
Miniaturized Design
If your equipment has limited internal space and cannot be installed with a huge size power supply, most of the UHP series models are designed with 1U (<44mm), suitable for small spaces, and a full range of wattage from 160W to 3500W, providing a variety of industrial equipment. UHP series design with DC OK signal function, can be combined with human interface. In addition, the product provides a wide range of programmable output voltage and current (>1000W) and supports digital protocol CANBus/PMBus (>1500W), which is convenient for customers to use for system integration control.
Case Studies
Case Studies
Self-service Equipment (Kiosk) Indoor Small Pitch
LED Display
Self-service Equipment (Kiosk) Indoor Small Pitch
LED Display 3D Printer

Self-service equipment, which is commonly used in indoor ticket selling or public places, built-in computer systems and displays, combined with fanless UHP series, can solve noise problems, and the low-profile design also solves the problem of needing to use it in narrow spaces.

With the development of LEDs in smaller sizes, the resolution of display has increased again, and indoor displays are suitable to use with UHP series for movie theaters, conference centers, film shooting scenes and others. In addition, the UHP series like the semi-potted units, can effectively prevent high humidity and can be used for outdoor systems.

When operating a 3D printer, the motor and fan are operated at the same time, which may be accompanied by a great deal of noise. This problem often can distract the user. The fanless UHP series allows users to concentrate on creating without noise issues and at the same time increases the reliability of the 3D Printer.

Model in Use: UHP-200-24 Model in Use: UHP-350-5 Model in Use: UHP-500-24
Choosing a suitable conduction cooling power supply
  Series Name Potted Cooling Methods Dimension
LSP-160 LSP-160 V Conduction 194x55x20 3
UHP-200 UHP-200 V Conduction 194x55x26 3
UHP-350 UHP-350 V Conduction 220x62x31 3
UHP-500 UHP-500 V Conduction 232x81x31 3
UHP-750 UHP-750 V Conduction 237x100x41 3
UHP-1000 UHP-1000 V Conduction 240x115x41 5
UHP-1500 UHP-1500
Note 1
V Conduction 290x140x41 5
UHP-2500 UHP-2500 —- Conduction
Note 2
310x140x60 5
PHP-3500 PHP-3500
Note 1
—- Conduction
Note 2
380×141.4×60 5
Note 1: The series provides high voltage output models (115/230/380VDC)
Note 2: Cold plate for water cooling available as optional accessary
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