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Audax UVC LED Portfolio Available at CDI Audax UVC LED Light Engines Available at CDI Click Here to Shop All Audax UVC LED Light Engines at CDI   Ultraviolet Light The human eye is sensitive to specific band of electromagnetic waves, known as the visible light spectrum. At one end of this very narrow spectrum there are some wavelengths which are invisible to the naked eye. UV light, for instance, is considered a non-visible light due to its short wavelength, from 100 to 400Nm (nanometers). Although we may not seeRead More
Light Engines for MechaTronix EcoSystem Audax Electronics in Partnership with MechaTronix and Component Distributors, Inc. Launches a Family of Light Engines Compatible with the Coolblock®   Advanced high-power square Pin Fin LED Cooler for 28 LED engines from 3,800-7,600 lm; W106mm x L106mm x H62mm; Rth 1.16°C/W; Black electro-coating. Click here for COOLBLOCK® 2×2 products at CDI. The CoolBlock® LX-02-2×6 rectangle Pin Fin LED cooler is specifically designed for luminaires using the 2×6 platform. Mechanical compatibility with direct mounting of the LED engines to the LED cooler and thermal performanceRead More
For the Latest Wireless Connectivity & LED Lighting Solutions Schedule a Meeting with CDI at BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires   CDI is proud to feature the latest wireless connectivity and LED lighting solutions from leading industry manufacturers such as, Gaggione, Xicato, Citizen, AUDAX, BJB, Bender + Wirth, LEDiL, Mean Well, MOSO, and more. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you at BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires,16.9.2017, at La Rural Trade Center, Buenos Aires. Please click here to contact CDI and schedule a personal appointment to learnRead More