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TDK SmartSonic™ Liquid Level Detection – CH101 Available at CDI

TDK InvenSense at CDI
TDK SmartSonic™ Liquid Level Detection
CH101 Available at CDI
Time-of-Flight Vision Platform

The TDK InvenSense CH101-00ABR is a Pulse-Echo product intended for range finding and presence applications using a single sensor for transmit and receive of ultrasonic pulses. The CH101 is a system-in-package that integrates a PMUT (Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer) together with an ultra-low-power SoC (system on chip) in a miniature, reflowable package. The SoC runs Chirp’s advanced ultrasonic DSP algorithms and includes an integrated microcontroller that provides digital range readings via I2 C. Traditional application include robotics, obstacle avoidance, room lighting automation and proximity/presence sensing.

CH101-00ABR at CDI

DK-CH101 at CDI
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SmartSonic Demo | Water Level Detection

Liquid level detection ia another application for the CH101-00ABR. Watch the YouTube video below to see how the CH101-00ABR is used with the Design Kit and the

DK-CH101 in a liquid dispenser. Unlike other level detection devices, one sensor detects three different measurements at one time.

  1. Has a cup been placed in the determined spot.
    Lighting and the color of the material do not matter to the TDK ultrasonic flight detection sensor.
  2. The CH101 detects the height of the container.
  3. As the liquid is filled, in this application it is monitored, and the water turns off at 80% of the height of the container.
SmartSonic Demo | Water Level Detection
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