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TDK SmartMic – The next generation of MEMS microphone technology is here.   TDK SmartMic at CDI Our latest mics, the T3902 and the T5818 bring you the best digital microphone technology in a bottom port configuration. With features like ultra-low power, and multi-mode functionality, they are perfect for your multi-mic arrays, mobile devices, IoT, and many more applications.     T3902 The T3902 is a low-power, low-noise digital MEMS microphone in a small package. The T3902 consists of a MEMS microphone element and an impedance converter amplifier followed byRead More
SmartBug (MD-42688-P) Smart Multi-Sensor Wireless Module for IoT Applications   TDK’s SmartBug (MD-42688-P) is a multi-sensor wireless module that leverages TDK’s MEMS sensors and algorithms for a wide range of IoT applications. This module combines six sensors, a powerful wireless (BLE) MCU, seven algorithm driven features and a rechargeable battery, all in a small lady-bug enclosure. It also comes with the option of an Add-On board that includes a WiFi module, an SD card slot, and an ultrasonic sensor from TDK.   Shop the SmartBug at CDI MD-42688-P Smart BugRead More
EM3028 Series from EM Microelectronic Extreme Low Power RTC with I2C   EM Microelectronic has introduced the EM3028 Series. It is absolutely the lowest power RTC on the market. While most MCU’s have built in RTC’s, the EM3028 is an order of magnitude lower power vs. the built in RTC (nano Amps vs. micro Amps). By bypassing the MCU RTC and adding the EM3028 externally, the savings are significant power and extend the life of the battery for a wearable, portable, or IoT platform. Accuracy is another significant advantage ofRead More
  High Precision 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking™ Device From TDK InvenSense Available at CDI   Buy Now at CDI Download Datasheet   Evaluation Board DK-42688-P The ICM-42688-P is a 6-axis MEMS MotionTracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer. It has a configurable host interface that supports I3CSM, I2C and SPI serial communication, features a 2 kB FIFO and 2 programmable interrupts with ultralow-power wake-on-motion support to minimize system power consumption. ICM-42688-P supports highly accurate external clock input, that helps to reduce system level sensitivity error, improve orientationRead More
Thermometrics Biomedical Chip NTC Thermistors – MA Series     The Thermometrics NTC Type MA Series of Biomedical Chip Thermistors is designed for use in applications involving both intermittent and continuous patient temperature monitoring with range of 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C). Although low in cost, these highly stable, precision thermochips provide the reliability, tight interchangeable tolerances, geometries and fast response times that are often required in biomedical applications.   Products Available at CDI: MA100 | MA200 | MA300   Applications: Intermittent Patient Temperature Monitoring – For oral andRead More
  TE Connectivity Digital Temperature Sensors for Healthcare Tracking Devices     While not traditionally used for surface temperature measurement, digital temperature sensors are embedded into home healthcare and personal tracking devices. These sensors provide accurate measurements of temperature with a digital output signal and small circuit board package. For example, digital temperature sensors can be designed into medical devices to monitor the temperature of air in respiratory devices to create greater comfort for patients as air enters the airway.   TSYS01 Family at CDI Get a Quote at CDIRead More
TE Connectivity DP86 Differential Pressure Sensor at CDI   Buy Online Download Datasheet The DP86 differential pressure sensor is a double-sided, media compatible, piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor packaged in a 316L stainless steel housing designed for O-ring mounting applications. The sensing package utilizes silicone oil to transfer pressure from the two 316L stainless-steel diaphragms to a single sensing element. The DP86 is designed for high performance, low pressure applications where differential pressure measurement is required. The stainless steel package makes it suitable for use in liquids and corrosive environments. PleaseRead More
Corrected Andon Socket for SGX Electrochemical Gas Sensor SGX-70X SGX SensorTech customers that are using the Andon socket and socket pins, please note a required update found on page 1, concerning the carrier board for the SGX electrochemical gas sensor, part number SGX-7OX. The Andon socket board references the socket below. This is incorrect.   The correct Andon socket is part number R670-SP04-01N-285E-R27-L14. Click here to view the detailed drawing for this this device.   About SGX Sensortech For more than 50 years, SGX Sensortech, has remained at the forefrontRead More
Telaire T3030 Series | CO2 Sensors for Harsh Environments with Analog Outputs   Buy Online at CDI Download Datasheet Download the Application Spotlight Telaire T3030 Series is a range of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensors designed to meet the specific needs of customers who require measuring CO2 in harsh or difficult environments. Based on a series of modules, the casing offers a number of combinations to meet the needs of range, supply voltage, and output type in various applications. Example applications include incubators, buses, refrigerators, subway stations, and railway carriages, inRead More
TE Connectivity Pressure Transducers/Transmitters, P900 Series   Download Datasheet Buy Now Online Component Distributors is offering the TE Connectivity heavy duty industrial pressure transducers, the P900 Series. TE P900 Series (formerly Schaevitz Sensors) Pressure Transducers are available in a variety of standard pressure ranges and electrical outputs. Customer versions are available as well. The P900 Series strain gauge pressure transducers/transmitter are premium grade sensors that provide highly precise measurement of absolute, vented gauge, or sealed gauge pressures over wide temperature ranges. Standard versions of this transducer use a 17-4 PHRead More