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ABLE POWER PRODUCTS at CDI – LED Surge Protection & Over/Under Voltage Control Experts

ABLE Power Products
LED Surge Protection & Over/Under Voltage Control Experts
ABLE Power Products
LED Surge Protection Catalog
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Over/Under Voltage Cut-Off with Safe Restore™
The OVCD extends the life of your light fixture’s drivers and controls by eliminating temporary over and under voltages that can harm sensitive electronic components. The OVCD will instantly drop power during an over or under voltage condition and then, utilizing the patented Safe Restore™ technology, will auto-reset when voltage returns to normal. For volume purchases voltage settings can be customized to your requirements.
Hardwired Surge Protection Devices
These Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are the ideal solution for protecting street and roadway lighting, parks and stadium lights, parking lots and walkway lighting. This technology is especially valuable in high-risk areas or problem sites due to lightning activity or power related problems like blackouts and utility grid-switching.
Hardwired Surge Protection Devices
Our hardwired surge protectors have a small footprint and feature safety thermal fusing, low clamping levels, and all-mode protection. This line offers compact installation, freeing up valuable housing space.
Receptacle Surge Protection
As the LED lighting industry continues its Smart City transformation, photocells, controls and sensors are becoming smarter, more sophisticated, more critical and more valuable. To keep pace with this evolving technology, surge protection companies need to constantly re-invent themselves and develop innovative new products and components to support this transformation.
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ABLE Power Products
LED LIGHTING SURGE PROTECTION PRODUCTS. Patented designs for Hard-Wired In-Line Surge Protection for General LED Lighting, Retrofit and New Installation 3/5/7 Pin Fast Plug-In Surge Protection for Road Way Lighting. Internal Thermal Fused (MOV) technology and Small Footprint ensures the best solution for your most demanding applications.
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