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LEDiL VIOLET Silicone Optic for UV-C Applications

LEDiL VIOLET Silicone Optic for UV-C Applications Ideal Solution for Surface, Air, and Water Disinfection     VIOLET is a silicone 12-lens array made from highly resistant UV materials and is also LEDiL’s first optic designed for UV-C applications. This ingress protected optic is an excellent solution in surface, air and water UV disinfection applications as well as for prevention of plant disease and insect infestation. The lens array is made from a special silicone grade having high UV transmittance and is held in place by a sturdy stainless-steel frame.Read More
Audax UVC LED Portfolio Available at CDI Audax UVC LED Light Engines Available at CDI Click Here to Shop All Audax UVC LED Light Engines at CDI   Ultraviolet Light The human eye is sensitive to specific band of electromagnetic waves, known as the visible light spectrum. At one end of this very narrow spectrum there are some wavelengths which are invisible to the naked eye. UV light, for instance, is considered a non-visible light due to its short wavelength, from 100 to 400Nm (nanometers). Although we may not seeRead More

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ILONA Zoom Lenses Available Now at CDI

ILONA Zoom Lenses Available Now at CDI Ilona-Zoom is a patent pending optic enabling an adjustable beam from thirteen to 48 degrees in a compact package. The unique hybrid optical technology enables a zoomable beam without axially moving parts, which allows for simpler, low profile and cost-efficient luminaires. Ilona-Zoom is compatible with LEDil Hekla connectors. With excellent tunable white capabilities Ilona-Zoom is suitable for a wide range of applications, including retail, showrooms, museums, and theatres.   Watch the LEDiL ILONA-ZOOM New Innovative Zoom Optic for LED Lighting Video   ShopRead More
Check Out the New Xicato Catalog and Portfolio of COBs Xicato Product Catalog     Download the Xicato Product Catalog       Portfolio of COBs XOB is a Chip on Board (COB) LED light source compatible with industry standard holders, heatsinks, reflectors and lenses used in a variety of downlight and spot fixtures. XOB provides high quality light with a white point that perfectly matches other Xicato products, including XTM and XIM. XOB delivers Xicato’s award-winning color points, unmatched color rendering, and great performance in an industry standard formRead More
Light Engines for MechaTronix EcoSystem Audax Electronics in Partnership with MechaTronix and Component Distributors, Inc. Launches a Family of Light Engines Compatible with the Coolblock®   Advanced high-power square Pin Fin LED Cooler for 28 LED engines from 3,800-7,600 lm; W106mm x L106mm x H62mm; Rth 1.16°C/W; Black electro-coating. Click here for COOLBLOCK® 2×2 products at CDI. The CoolBlock® LX-02-2×6 rectangle Pin Fin LED cooler is specifically designed for luminaires using the 2×6 platform. Mechanical compatibility with direct mounting of the LED engines to the LED cooler and thermal performanceRead More
Visit Component Distributors, Inc. at Strategies in Light 2020, Booth #710 February 11-13, 2020 at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA   Visit Component Distributors Inc. at Strategies in Light 2020, Booth #710 and find the top components for LED Lighting Applications. We look forward to showing you the latest products and technologies from world-class vendors and meeting you at the show!   Featured: Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) Click Here to Submit a Technical Inquiry Toll-Free: 1-800-777-7334Read More
Learn About the CITILED COB Series Ver. 8 from Component Distributors, Inc.   High Efficacy and 2-Step Ellipse Standard CITILED COB Series Ver.8 By optimizing each production process, the chromaticity range has achieved 2-step ellipse as a standard specification. The 2-step ellipse color definition at Tj=85C ensures uniform optical performance in various applications. The new model shares the same outline design and LES size as the traditional Standard Type (Ver.1~6).   Point Source High Intensity type Ver.3 High Intensity Type Ver.3 has been developed as a high performance product withRead More
Xicato Expands Family of Miniature Smart Drivers with Wireless Control XMD Enables 0.1% Flicker-Free Dimming of Track and Linear Fixtures   San Jose, CA – November 13, 2019 – Xicato, the leading provider of smart building wireless controls and highest quality light sources, today announced the general availability of XMD, a purpose-built form factor Xicato grade driver that fits into compact track adapters for elegant designs. XMD’s narrow, rectangular and low-profile footprint allows Luminaire designs with minimal visual impact with deep-dimming and smart driver control with wireless BLE option. XMDRead More
CDI Customer Notice: Hurricane Dorian Impact   NOTICE: Hurricane Dorian is currently projected to impact the central Florida Eastern Coastline as a Category 4 Hurricane on this weekend. CDI has a significant number of personnel located directly in the path of the storm. We are encouraging all employees to immediately prepare for the hurricane and/or evacuate as recommended by their local authorities. While we will shift other personnel to help cover for those under storm threat, CDI does anticipate that there will be some delays in responding to emails, phone calls,Read More
Mean Well Horticultural & Agricultural Lighting Solutions at CDI   XLG Series for Outdoor Lighting Wattage: 25W~240W View All XLG Products at CDI For LED luminaires application, MEAN WELL officially releases the new generation waterproof LED driver series – XLG series. The whole XLG series, which has been highly expected by the market, covers from 25W to 240W. It can be used for LED Bay light/Streetlight/Horticulture lighting and flood light applications. XLG series applies the constant current and constant power design, which remarkably enhances the convenience of integrating model selection.Read More