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Ku Band Integrated Microwave Assembly (IMA) from MtronPTI

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Ku Band Integrated Microwave Assembly (IMA) from MtronPTI
Ku Band Integrated Microwave Assembly (IMA) from MtronPTI
Component Distributors, Inc. is proud to announce the availability of MtronPTI’s latest innovation, the Ku Band Integrated Microwave Assembly (IMA). This advanced IMA is designed to support broadband communication datalink applications across a range of industries.
Key Features of MtronPTI’s Ku Band IMA Include:
• Low Insertion Loss: <2.0dB for optimal signal transmission.
• High Power Handling: 100W CW for enhanced performance in demanding applications.
• High Isolation Between Bands: 125dB, ensuring minimal interference between frequency bands.
• Harmonic Suppression: 2nd: 70dB, 3rd: 25dB, resulting in cleaner signals and reduced distortion.
• IMA Noise Figure: <3.8dB, ensuring low noise for superior signal reception.
• Compact Size: 9x7x4 inches max, ideal for space-constrained applications.
Key Applications of the Ku Band IMA:
• Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS): Improve range, data transmission, and performance in surveillance, reconnaissance, and communication systems.
• Satellite Communications (Satcom): Enhance ground stations, shipboard systems, and other satellite communication infrastructure with better broadband connectivity and reliable, high-speed data transmission.
• Electronic Warfare (EW): Integrate into electronic warfare systems for enhanced detection, tracking, and jamming of enemy signals.
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By incorporating MtronPTI’s Ku Band IMA into your broadband communication datalink applications, you’ll benefit from cutting-edge performance and seamless integration.

Contact Component Distributors, Inc. today to learn more about MtronPTI’s Ku Band Integrated Microwave Assembly and how it can benefit your applications. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you select the right products for your specific needs.

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