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Solartron Metrology DZ/2/S ULTRA SHORT Gaging Transducers In-Stock NOW at CDI!   Ultra-Short Body Length Digital Gaging Transducer Ideal for Measuring in Small Places DZ/2/S Part# 974426-3, 2MM Range, Ultra Short! • Ultra-Short body length • Includes Silicon Nitride Hi Lift Tip (for soft metals) • Ideal for measuring in small places • 2 mm displacement transducer measuring range • Accuracy better than 0.1 µm   BUY NOW at CDI! Part# 974426-3     Questions? Talk to me “Sensor” Steve Rushing Direct: (303) 357-2730 Email:     About SolartronRead More
Solartron Metrology DZ/1/S Ultra-Short Body Length Digital Gaging Transducer Ideal for Measuring In Small Places Now Available With In-Line Connector for Simple Replacement and Zero Downtime!   A complimentary range to the standard hard-wired digital transducer, where the Orbit® electronics and the transducer have an in-line connector. Probes can be replaced without any reprogramming of the controlling software. The small diameter of the connector allows easy machine installation.   BUY NOW at CDI! DZ/1/S with In-Line Connector Part #: 974475-3ABE1 DZ/1/S Replacement, (Transducer to Inline Connection) Part #: 974475-3P1  Read More
Solartron Metrology Digital Gaging Transducers In-Stock NOW at CDI! DP/2/S (Part# 971100-3): 2MM Range, Spring Push. • Accuracy better than 0.1 µm • Repeatability precision better than 0.05 µm • Resolution better than 0.01 µm   DP/5/P (Part# 971135-3): 5MM Range, Pneumatic. • Pneumatic actuation • Standard contact sensor tip force of 0.7N (other options available) • IP65 sealing (fully sealed options available)   D6J/2/P: (Part# 971174-3): 2MM Range, 6MM Skinny Body, Pneumatic. • 6 mm diameter body • Excellent for measuring features close together • 2 and 5 mmRead More
Orbit Interface Module/Gateway from Solartron Metrology   Ethernet/IP Protocol Interface Module, (PIM) Part #: 977152-US-3 Price: $1,248.00 The PIM is a PLC compatible EtherNet/IP™ to ORBIT®3 interface module, that enable easy connections between any EtherNet/IP™ enabled controller and Solartron’s flexible ORBIT®3 digital measurement system. The PIM makes it simple to interface a wide range of contact and non-contact linear measurement sensors, rotary encoders, temperature and pressure sensors and discrete inputs and outputs via EtherNet/IP™. This stand alone, Din Rail mounted module provides one EtherNet/IP™ port and one ORBIT®3 port whichRead More
Solartron Metrology UK Manufacturing Facility – Temporary Closure   As always, CDI carries a healthy inventory of Solartron Metrology products and our warehouse is safely open for business. Please contact your CDI Precision Measurement Team for any questions, application needs, technical assistance and more!!   Due to the unprecedented nature and the impact that COVID-19 is having upon Solartron Metrology, its Customers and its Supply Chain; we have taken the difficult decision to protect all of the employees by implementing a Furlough resulting in a temporary shutdown of our manufacturingRead More
Solartron Metrology Continues to Add New Products to Their Expanding Range of Orbit 3 Digital Gaging Transducers Check out these great new additions today!! D6P/5/S: A 5mm Range Probe in a 6mm Transducer Body View Online DJ/12/P: A 12mm Range Probe with “Jet Pneumatics” View Online DP/12/P: A 12mm Range Pneumatic Probe View Online DP/30/S: A 30mm Range Spring Push Probe View Online DJR/12/P: A 12mm Probe, Right Angle Transducer, Jet Pneumatic View Online DUR/1/P: A 1mm Parallel Flexure Gage with Integrated Pneumatics View Online   About Component Distributors Inc.Read More
WiGauge Gen 1 and Gen 2 from Solartron Metrology   The freedom to roam with Solartron’s WiGauge™ brings increased efficiency to gauging stations and work practices. The ability to work without cables means that the gauging process is not restricted by cable length and routing, or the risk of cable damage. The audio and visual pass/fail indicators on the WiGauge™ give the operator the opportunity to decide whether to remove a component from a machine tool while the reading is logged into a system that can be up to 15Read More

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Orbit® Digital Short Probes Available at CDI

Orbit® Digital Short Probes Available at CDI   Solartron Metrology’s Digital Probe range has been expanded with several new probes that offer a significant decrease in case length for the same measurement range while still giving the same performance.   Key Features: • Excellent measurement repeatability better than 0.15 µm • Ideal for applications where space is an issue • Resolution better than 0.1 µm • Supports all Orbit features • Use proven ball bearing sleeve technology for repeatability and long life   Buy Orbit® Digital Short Probes at CDI:Read More

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Orbit® Air Gauge Interface Module (AGM) at CDI

Orbit® Air Gauge Interface Module (AGM)   Solartron Metrology’s Orbit Air Gauge Interface Module (AGM) makes connecting air gauge Measurement Probes to Orbit simple, allowing the user to mix air gauges with all of our contact and non-contact sensors to fully utilize the full performance of the Orbit Digital Measurement Network.   Key Features: • Very high stability • Resolution < 0.5 µm • Pressure range 0 to 30 psi • Easy Setup and Mastering using PC or onboard display   Orbit® Air Gauge Interface Module (AGM) at CDI AGM-ARead More
Visit CDI Precision Measurement at The Quality Show, Booth #1736 October 24-26, 2017 Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL   The Quality Show is a 3-day event that provides manufacturing professionals quality-focused education, networking with thousands of quality professionals and a resource-rich exhibit hall dedicated exclusively to quality technology, equipment and products. Visit CDI Precision Measurement at The Quality Show, Oct 24-26, 2017 at Booth #1736 and learn about our latest technologies in the Precision Measurement industry. At the CDI booth you can view samples of products, have hands-onRead More