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NovaSensor NPC-120 Series Disposable Medical Pressure Sensors

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NovaSensor NPC-120 Series
Disposable Medical Pressure Sensors

The NovaSensor NPC-120 Series of Disposable Medical Pressure Sensors is specifically designed for use in disposable medical applications. The device is compensated and calibrated per the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) guidelines for industry acceptability. The sensor integrates a high-performance, pressure sensor die with temperature compensation circuitry and gel protection in a small, low-cost package.

NPC-120 Series
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The NPC-120 Series is manufactured in a class 1000 clean room to minimize possible sources of contamination. A specially designed, silicon, micromachined sensing element is used to meet or exceed all industry requirements, while minimizing assembly and test cost for maximum customer value. Thick-film laser trimming is employed for final compensation and calibration. Sensitivity is maintained to ±1% and linearity is better than 1% in the physiological operating pressure range.

The NPC-120 Series is batch-manufactured in ceramic plate form and shipped as an intact array or as single sensors packaged in Tape and Reel format for easy customer automation. This assembly method draws from well-established manufacturing techniques used in the electronics industry in order to produce a quality, high volume product.

Features: Applications:
  • Solid state, high reliability
  • Media compatibility
  • High performance
  • Factory filled with dielectric gel
  • Small size
  • Fully tested
  • Temperature compensated
  • Low cost disposable design
  • Designed to AAMI specifications
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Infusion pumps
  • Kidney dialysis machine
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About NovaSensor, a Division of Amphenol Advanced Sensors

NovaSensor, a Division of Amphenol Advances Sensors (AAS) manufacturers MEMS pressure sensors. As a leader in Micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) elements, sensors and advanced packaging solutions, our MEMS pressure sensor line includes highly cost effective product families. These include surface mount, hybrid, and media isolated sensors. NovaSensor offerings serve medical, industrial and transportation applications. Available in all levels of calibration, from uncalibrated to fully calibrated, amplified analog and digital output versions.

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