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Tariff-Free Mean Well New Generation XLG Series LED AC/DC Drivers for LED Lighting Applications MEAN WELL officially released a new generation of low-cost and tariff-free waterproof LED drivers—XLG Series. The entire XLG series covers from 25W to 250W. It can be used for LED Luminaires, LED Bay Lighting, Street Lighting, Flood Lighting, Horticulture Lighting, and various LED Lighting Applications. The XLG Series features a constant power design with wide output voltage ranges that dramatically reduces SKU’s. The XLG series will be manufactured in the Philippines and is tariff-free! Features: ConstantRead More
Introducing LED Retrofit NEMA-type Surge Protective Devices (SPD) from ABLE Power Products   The Retrofit surge line includes a Fast Plug-in SPD, a Shorting Cap SPD and a Photocontrol SPD, all equipped with an external ground wire for connection to the fixture housing, arm or pole and fits all standard 3-pin or 7-pin receptacles. Ideal for DOT’s, Municipalities, and Utilities that have identified high risk areas or troubled sites due to lightning issues or power related problems.   Surge Protection Features • 3-pin or 7-pin models available • UL 1449Read More
MINMAX Technology 1-75W DC-DC Converters and AC-DC Power Supplies   Our General Industrial DC-DC Converters are used in every corner of modern equipment & systems about everywhere. We offer different electrical specifications and create competitive advantage performance and cost effective to meet your critical design. Ultra-high Isolation family equipped with very high common mode transient immunity with 15KV/μs qualifies and I/O isolation 4000 to 5000VAC with reinforced insulation, rated for 1000Vrms working voltage. The Medical Grade DC-DC Converters & AC-DC Power Supplies for demanding applications in both medical and healthcareRead More
Surge Protection for LED Lighting Tech Tip #1 from ABLE Power Products   Selection Criteria SAFETY – an important consideration in the selection of an LED Surge Protector The Problem – metal-oxide varistors (MOVs) are the primary component for protecting sensitive electronics from damaging overvoltage transients or surges. For normal operating conditions, the MOV absorbs random short duration transient currents, transforming the energy into heat. Over time the MOV breaks down and can no longer effectively dissipate the heat forcing the component to rupture and initiate a short circuit conditionRead More
DC/DC Converters from MINMAX Technology In Stock at Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI)   MINMAX Technology features a comprehensive DC/DC Converter standard product range from 1 to 75 Watts for applications in the ITE, Medical, Renewable Energy and Railway markets. CDI offers same day shipping, great customer service and discounted pricing from an in-depth inventory for your most demanding applications. Our factory trained sales and technical personnel are available to assist you with your DC/DC Converter requirements. MINMAX Technology is a world class manufacturer with the highest quality and reliability standardsRead More
Automotive Grade Capacitors Available at CDI from Knowles Capacitors (Syfer Technology Limited)   One of Knowles Capacitors fields of expertise is the design and manufacture of components important to engineers in the automotive industry. Today’s vehicles have many electric power units and electric control units that enable electric drive and absolute precise control. The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Component Technical Committee is the standardization body for establishing standards for reliable, high quality electronic components. Components meeting these specifications are suitable for use in the harsh automotive environment without additional component-levelRead More
Componentes Electrónicos de Alto Rendimiento Ahora disponible en Argentina de Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI)   Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI), en un esfuerzo por servir mejor a su clientes Argentinos, anuncia la apertura de ventas y soporte en Buenos Aires para su portafolio completo de componentes electrónicos. CDI se especializa en las tecnologías de comunicaciones, iluminación, potencia y sensores.   Contáctenos aquí: argentina@cdiweb.com +54 9 (11) 6941-5715 +54 9 (11) 3940-3693   O encontrarnos en la web: https://www.cdiweb.com https://led.cdiweb.com https://optical.cdiweb.com https://power.cdiweb.com   Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI)Read More
MEAN WELL – RST-10000 10KW Single Output Enclosed Type Power Supply     MEAN WELL’s high power enclosed type AC/DC switching power supply has been earning supreme customer ratings for a long time. After RST-5000 series (single unit with up to 5000W) is launched, MEAN WELL is now pleased to unveil RST-10000, the first model pushing the output power up to 10KW by one single unit; moreover, 20KW can be achieved with 2 units by means of the parallel function! RST-10000 adopts 3-phase AC input; in addition to the nominalRead More
BF Direct Patient Contact Rated 200 Watt Medical AC/DC Power Supply PMAM200 Series From Power Partners and Available at CDI   Power Partners, Inc. offers a 200 watt medical, patient contact rated AC/DC power supply in their medical open frame/u-channel product line. The PMAM200 Series is designed for 200 watts of power in a compact 3” x 5” footprint featuring a 90-264VAC input and single outputs of 12VDC, 19VDC, and 24VDC. There is an optional +5VDC standby and a remote on/off available. This series is BF (Body Floating) direct patientRead More
MINMAX Technology Surface Mount DC-DC Converter Modules for Industrial, Commercial, and Medical Applications   MINMAX Technology surface mount DC to DC converters are designed for industrial, commercial, residential and medical grade applications, offered in a wide range of industry standard packages and pin configurations. With output power ranging from 1W to 6W, in compact, fully encapsulated packages, and safety approvals including UL 60950, and UL 60601, you can find the specific converter for your DC to DC conversion needs.   Unique Features: Available in Tape & Reel packaging for automatedRead More