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  SmartBug™: The All-in-One Sensor and Algorithm Module for Your IoT Applications   TDK SmartBug (MD-42688-P) is a multi-sensor wireless module that leverages TDK’s MEMS sensors and algorithms for a wide range of IoT applications. This module combines six sensors, a powerful wireless (BLE) MCU, seven algorithm driven features and a rechargeable battery, in a small enclosure. It also comes with the option of an Add-On board that includes a WiFi module, an SD card slot and an ultrasonic sensor from TDK. The go-to module for quick and easy accessRead More

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MEAN WELL Medical Power Solutions Available at CDI

MEAN WELL Medical Power Solutions Available at CDI MEAN WELL provides highly reliable, extremely stable power supplies for a variety of medical markets and applications. CDI will take you from product design to production with our technical staff and product variety. We can provide MEAN WELL solutions in Home Healthcare, Diagnostics and Treatment Equipment, Analysis and Laboratory Systems, as well as Rehabilitation and Assistive Devices. MEAN WELL products are available for quick delivery and lead the industry in price to performance ratio. External Adapters for Home Healthcare In recent years,Read More
MDW12/I12 Series of 12W Isolated/Regulated DC-DC Converters   MINMAX is proud to announce the new MDW12/I12 series of 12W Isolated/Regulated DC-DC Converters with wide input ranges in the compact 16 pin DIP package measuring only 0.94×0.54×0.40”, offering a very high power density up to 60W/in3. This level of integration offers system designers the opportunity to reduce overall PCB layout area or add more features into existing PCB profiles. The MDW12/I12 family of DC-DC converters consists of 14 and 21 models offering 9-36, 18-75, and 9-18, 18-36, 36-75 VDC input ranges with single output models rangingRead More
MCW04/I04 Series of 4W Isolated/Regulated DC-DC Converters   MINMAX is proud to announce the new MCW04/I04 series of 4W Isolated/Regulated DC-DC Converters with wide input ranges in the SIP package. The MCW04/I04 family of DC-DC converters consists of 18 and 12 models offering 9-18, 18-36, 36-75 or 9-36, 18-75 VDC input ranges with single output models ranging 5–24 VDC and dual output models ±12V to ±15V delivering 4 Watts of output power. All Models Feature: I/O Isolation of 1600VDC high average efficiency up to 87% operating ambient temperature range of -40°C to +85°C short-circuit protection and conflictRead More
SMD Stratum 3 TCXO M6071 Series for SATCOM, TELECOM, and MILCOM Applications   MtronPTI introduces the Stratum 3 M6071 series TCXO targeting SATCOM, TELECOM, and MILCOM applications. The M6071 series offers industry leading stability as low as ±0.1ppm over temperature ranges as wide as -40ºC to +105ºC.   Features: Superior Phase Noise -97dBc/Hz @10Hz offset, measured at 38.88MHz Applications: SATCOM TELECOM MILCOM Test & Measurement Representative Performance Characteristics: Frequency Range: 10 to 40 MHz Frequency Tolerance: ±4.6ppm max. Stability vs. Temperature: ±0.1ppm RF Output: CMOS or Clipped Sinewave Rise/Fall Time:Read More

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All Sensors – Pressure Sensors for Ventilators

All Sensors – Pressure Sensors for Ventilators   COVID-19 Respiratory Ventilators: With over a decade as a supplier of pressure sensors to leading ventilator and respiratory manufacturers around the world, Amphenol All Sensors is rapidly responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Pressure sensors are critical components in the ventilators that provide necessary breathing assistant to patients battling COVID-19. A mixture of air and oxygen is delivered into the patient’s lungs via a tube placed into the patient’s mouth, nose or windpipe. Relatively low pressure (typically 10 cm H20) is monitored duringRead More
Taitien Releases High Precision and Wide Temperature Range SMD TCXO   About Taitien CDI is an authorized distributor for Taitien. Taitien offers OCXO, TCXO, VCXO, Crystal, and Crystal Oscillators. Taitien frequency products support various fields including automotive, consumer electronics, information technology and telecommunications. Taitien focuses on innovation and invests heavily in research & development. About Component Distributors, Inc. Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is a value-added distributor of high-performance LED, Power, RF & Microwave, Wireless and Sensor component technologies. CDI distributes globally and provides local application support and customer service acrossRead More
Front-End Modules for Ultra-Low Power IoT Applications Skyworks is pleased to launch the SKY66404-11, a 2.4 GHz front-end module (FEM) designed for Zigbee®, Thread, and Bluetooth® (including Low Energy) ultra-low power IoT applications spanning sensors, beacons, smart meters and thermostats, wireless cameras, smoke and CO detectors, and wearables including medical devices. Featuring high-performance in a compact form factor, SKY66404-11 provides increased efficiency, and more than 4X range extension over previous models. The integrated module includes a power amplifier, low-noise amplifier, low-loss bypass path, transmit and receive switches, and digital controlsRead More

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Starrett American Made Featured Products at CDI

Starrett American Made Featured Products at CDI   Starrett Dial Indicator Diameter Gages 1100 / 1100M Series These gages measure both outside and inside diameters by comparing dimensions to gage blocks or an adjustable setting master. Each gage consists of a strong rectangular box beam with a sensitive gaging contact at one end and a reference gaging contact at the other. 1100 / 1100M Features: The sensitive contact transfers dimensions to the dial indicator through a linear friction-free mechanism There are two gage feet at the reference end and oneRead More
TDK SmartMic – The next generation of MEMS microphone technology is here.   TDK SmartMic at CDI Our latest mics, the T3902 and the T5818 bring you the best digital microphone technology in a bottom port configuration. With features like ultra-low power, and multi-mode functionality, they are perfect for your multi-mic arrays, mobile devices, IoT, and many more applications.     T3902 The T3902 is a low-power, low-noise digital MEMS microphone in a small package. The T3902 consists of a MEMS microphone element and an impedance converter amplifier followed byRead More